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Welcome here, non-french user !

This project isn't available in english, unfortunately. However, discussions with (working on english tl) and (who works on spanish translation) have been made, and we agreed to set their translation later. Why not now ? Because it would be a waste of time, since we'll have to modify it each time for each tl, so I want to make some big progress before beginning stuff like that.

Actually, there are two versions :

- The first one is the full ps2 version ported on Onscripter. For now, it's on hold.

- The second one is a graphic patch which can be compared to Umineko Tweak's. This one is being worked on. It includes :

  • ps2 sprites and backgrounds with ps2 exclusives stuff added (Rika's young sprite).
  • Overrall a better GUI, a full textbox, new cursors, etc...
  • Cgs, openings, animated videos.
  • Sunset and Night palettes for the sprites and backgrounds.
  • CGs from the Kizuna (Ds) games.
Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence CC-BY-SA  .